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Peter and the Starcatcher Poster For Theatrical Marketing

Our Peter and the Starcatcher play poster, featuring a cgi pirate ship and compass, was created to promote the theater production and The Footlight Club.

Creating the Peter and the Starcatcher Play Poster

The layers in action
The layers in action

Much as I hate to admit it, sometimes you can’t always photograph your way out of a poster. For our Peter and the Starcatcher play poster, we went all CGI!

We created many of the the digital assets in Blender, a powerful, open source, 3d program.

Other elements, such as the ship, water and locket, were acquired from various resources online. (credits are below).

Rendering the Peter and the Starcatcher Play Poster

We rendered out the The ship, water and locket to Tif files.  Each was then combined as separate layers in Photoshop to create the final poster illustration for The Footlight Club.

Our goal for this poster was to capture the magic and adventure of the musical.

I referenced Drew Struzan’s Indiana Jones posters for inspiration and, after initial presentations to the director and producer, created the illustration.

See more of my posters for theater groups here.

The Pirate Ship model was created by Kevin Boone and downloaded from his site.

The compass model was downloaded from

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