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Stories of Product Photography

So you have a tiny product in need of photography? Yes, we can do that! Here's what we did for East Coast Microwave and their new Nano RF Coaxial Assembly!

Photographing food is as much about timing as it is about composition and light. Bring out the hero plate too soon and the product is gonna start wilting under the lights

Some considerations about a Product Publicity Photo.

A quick, behind the scenes slideshow of a recent shoot for Vitality, a start up company in Cambridge, MA.

How can I differentiate my product from everyone else's with photography?

At the end of the day, the "simple product shot" had to weave through many different decisions to arrive at this simple, clean, cover-worthy photo.

Photographing a laser tool meant for heart surgery requires some high tech photography tricks of the trade to make it look great!

Product Photography

The latest tales from a Boston based product photographer.

Stories about Product Photography to better sell your products. Websites, brochures and sell sheets are the bread and butter of product selling.

Getting great images to capture your audience’s attention is the key!

There are even some How To… guides for how to start planning your next photoshoot and make sure it runs smoothly.

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