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Art for the Start(up) … Product Publicity Pictures

Some considerations about a Product Publicity Photo.

Concepting for Product Publicity Photos

Manufacturer's Publicity
Manufacturer's Product Publicity Photo

Product publicity photos don’t happen by chance.

Your product is ready to roll out the door. You have it in stock and it is the best thing since sliced bread! Only one problem, no one knows about it…

So, write a press release and send it out to, well, anyone who publishes articles about the problem your product can solve.

Better yet, get a publicist to do it for you. They have the rolodex of names and the skills to write a piece that editors will want to print (or blog about!).

Of course, after you have done all that, make sure you have a great photo to go with the press release. One that actually relates the product to the story in the release!

It's All for the Editors

Editors know that pictures sell the headlines, which sell the stories, which sells the ads in the magazines, which pays their salaries.

They also know that they need to have fresh and interesting content every issue (and, if it is a blog, that means every day!).

They want your press releases and great photos because it helps keep that magazine/blog/etc alive and interesting to their readers.


What Makes a Great Product Publicity Photo?

  • The product looks great, no dings or scratches.
  • The light is flattering on the product.
  • The background relates to the subject of the release.
  • The props relate to the subject of the release.
  • And, nothing takes the viewer away from the subject of the release.

Wait! What were those last three about??

The photograph is a non-verbal restatement of the subject of your press release.

It is not a catalog shot, it is not a documentary photo. It is not a snap shot done during a trade show.

Creating a good publicity photograph takes a little bit of planning.

Start with the concept of your press release, which usually is about how your product helps to solve a problem.

Think about what is in the foreground of the photo. And, just as important, what is in the background as well.

Should the photo be done in a studio setting to avoid distractions or should it be created on location to help it relate to the target audience? How should it be lit (hint: those florescent tubes in the office ceiling? Forget it!)?

Whether you shoot it yourself or get a professional to do it, a great photograph will help your press release get published and will drive traffic back to you!

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