Death To Spam! The Skeleton Mouse Click

Sometimes, you just need a stock photo of a skeleton hand clicking on a mouse. I don’t know why. Heck, I don’t even ask questions any more. The answers always freak me out (or make me jealous!).

So, if you need a hand… a boney hand… reaching out from the grave and ordering a new genetic work up, maybe a dna report.. maybe it’s just one of those things…

<<<—- Click here to Download an unwatermarked version of this photo

Maybe Customer Service is Slow?

Or, maybe you sell skeletons. Maybe it is a slow internet connection?

Or, perhaps, you are silently screaming “Death to Spam!”

Anyway, here’s my ode to slow internets…

Boney skeletal hand holding a computer mouse

Boney Finger Clicking on Mouse

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