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Happy Christmas! The First Studio Card

Our Very First Studio Christmas card, wrangling a one year old and keeping the fire lit in the fireplace. What could possibly go wrong?

The First Studio Christmas Card

So, you are a commercial photographer and you want to create a new studio holiday card.

You just had your first child. And, being the proud poppa, you wanted to share your joy with the world, while keeping your marketing on track.

So, what did you did?

Set up the lights, put a little fire in the fireplace, and dropped your first born on the blanket and watched what happened.

What could possibly go wrong?

Hunter wobbled a bit as mom pulled her hands away.

Suddenly, Hunter’s cigar flew wildely out of control, spilling his scotch on his arm and igniting it.

Thinking quickly, he whipped off his own diaper and smothered flames with the damp fabric.

He was able to complete the shoot but vowed to give up cigars from then on…

Okay, so the studio christmas card shoot didn’t exactly go down like that.

Mom pretty much banned cigars in the house long before Hunter was born.

And, no, I don’t share my good scotch with my kids. (Now, what they swipe when I am not looking…)

This was the start of a conceptual photoshoot series that has continued for more than 2 decades.

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