RocketBoy and Gears in the Case of the Mistletoe

RocketBoy and Gears in the Case of the Mistletoe

UPDATE: Just announced: Rocketboy and Gears is in the “I…You…We…ROBOT: A Visual Homage To Our Inner Geek!”, a 50 artist group show at SPACE 242. Opening Friday Jan 29th at 242 E Berkeley, 2nd Floor in Boston.

Rocketboy and Gears and the Case of the Mistletoe is actually the cover shot for this year’s Holiday Card from McKee Photography (due back from the printers anytime now).

Who is Rocketboy and Gears? Well, there maybe a pulp, serial style video in the pipeline. I hear a trailer has been shot.

Or it maybe a spoof. Or it may just be a one off shot. Rumors abound but so far no one is talking. Shalor and Hunter McKee, principle actors in the piece, just smile knowingly and snicker under their breath.

Stay tuned!

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