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How Sales Trainer Headshots Work The Room

Sales trainers use a system to get the best results. So does this sales trainer headshots photo shoot!

In my travels, I have met and photographed sales trainers from numerous industries and specialties. The fine folks at Winning Inc recently invited me to help them update their sales trainer headshots on their web site and LinkedIn profiles.

Sales Trainer Headshots for LinkedIn

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last several years, you know that LinkedIn has become a very powerful tool for marketing companies and individuals, especially in the B2B world. More and more often, I have observed that a company’s bio page will contain links to the executives’ LinkedIn profile. From a marketing stand point, prospects have an opportunity to get to know who they are thinking about working with before they even think to pick up the phone or write an email.

It also means that the bio/LinkedIn profile pictures have become one more way that a prospect may decide to disqualify you before you even get to start a conversation.

During the course of the Winning Inc sales trainer headshots sessions, we talked about the Sandler System that they teach to their clients. One of the core principles that stuck out was that you are either in your own system or in the other person’s system during the course of any interaction. And, your odds of success go way up if you are in your own system.

Success is a System

Jim Kearney made the observation that the sales trainer headshots session we did with Winning Inc worked the same way. His session at the studio was “short and sweet. No muss, no fuss. The Groomer was quick and painless. And, you got me in and out fast.” There was “definitely a system in place to get us looking good and comfortable and get the shots you wanted for us. And, they turned out great. I can’t wait to use them.”

Thanks, Jim. Systems do work!

If you are curious about the Winning Inc system, contact them to check out one of their Executive Briefings. It’s a pretty amazing and accurate break down of the system we, as consumers, use every time we go shopping for anything! And, Winning Inc has the solution for when you are on the other side.

First Impressions Only Happen Once

If you would like to find out more about my sales trainer headshots sessions, which also work for other executives interested in making the right first impression, reach out to me.

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