What to Wear for Business Headshots

5 quick tips about what to wear for business headshots

Having trouble deciding what to wear? You are not alone! Here’s how to plan what to wear for a business headshot session.

According to the Association for Psychological Science journal article by psychological scientist and study author Alexander Todorov of Princeton University, “… images we post online can affect us in unexpected, and undesired, ways, subtly biasing other people’s decisions.”

With a little prep work, we can optimize that first impression and plan for the results we want.

1) Wardrobe Colors

Darker, solid colors stand out!

Winning Inc Headshot
Winning Inc Headshot

Our goal is to direct the audience to your face and your eyes. Patterns, prints and bright colors like orange or red, will distract people from what we want them to see. White, cream or flesh toned colors can blend too much as well. Blues, greens, chocolate, navy and other mid tones will help to focus their attention.

2) Of Ties and Necklines

It’s all about the neck! Most of the time, you can’t go wrong being slightly conservative. A good headshot is often compared to being a combination of a first date and a job interview. If your industry favors ties, then a conservative tie is the way to go. Otherwise, a modest v-neck, for ladies or gentlemen, is perfect as it will lengthen your neck and flatter your face. As always, keep it simple to avoid too much distraction.

Catherine Headshot
Catherine Headshot

3) Jewelry for a Headshot?

Jewelry is a very personal statement about you. However, big, bright, bold and dangly pieces are often too flashy and, as we’ve mentioned before, become a distraction. And, as styles change so quickly, they can date your headshot, making it less effective.


4) Headshot Pose

There are many simple tips for optimizing how the camera sees you. By turning your body away from the camera, you can create slimming lines. I always ask my clients to turn their feet at about a 45 degree angle to the left or right and then to point their front foot back to the camera. This creates angles that are flattering as well as make their pose look more dramatic. Pushing your head forward and tipped down slightly can help to reduce the dreaded double chin, while creating a little more interest.

A selling portrait for a real Estate Professional Headshot

5) The Smile is the Key

Your best tool for a great headshot is a smile. Smiles are contagious! It doesn’t have to be a full on grin. A “Mona Lisa” smile can be very effective in a headshot. It implies that you have knowledge that your clients need. Sometimes it is difficult to smile a real smile on command. That is where the relationship created by the photo studio and photographer can help. When I am working with a client, I take them on an emotional journey from serious to all out belly laugh, knowing that the perfect smile is going to be the spontaneous grin that happens when they are not thinking about it. Just lean in, look into the lens and let it happen.

Consultant Portrait
Angela Myles Beeching, Beyond Talent Consulting

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