Photographing at the Edge of Bio Tech – The CRISPR Shoot

Centrifuge in the lab, spinning DNA tests

Centrifuge in the lab, spinning DNA tests

One of the best parts of my job is when I get to visit with the rock stars of an industry. CRISPR is filled with these smart, youthful people who are coming up with next generation therapies for today’s ills. And, I get to make photographs to help these people get their stories to the world!

Of course, one of the challenges of working on the edge of these worlds is that it is constantly changing. And, that a lot of what they do in the labs really doesn’t lend itself to a dynamic image. It’s a petri dish, sitting under a hood. Um… yeah. Not exciting.

However, under the excellent art direction from Joe Sardone at MacDougall BioMedical Communications, we went in looking for the abstract concepts and pieces of their world that would illustrate their story on their web site. Over the course of a day, we photographed in their labs and at an outside meeting and generated a photo library of select images that they could then use on each page.

This was one of those fun shoots where the shot list was really about finding the corporate emotional feeling, concepts and remembering that, the whole reason for creating these new technologies is all about people.

CRISPR Therapeutics

at the white board Homology Directed Repair

Therapeutics with a pipette machine

Therapeutic consulting

200ml in the lab

CRISPR Therapeutics
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