Perfect Marketing Photos – The Shoot

The last Perfect Marketing Photo – PreProduction gave us a plan, a shot list and the basic sheet music so that we could execute our concepts and create effective marketing photos to promote your company in a timely manner.

Now, let’s talk about the actual production.

Marketing Photo of Doctor consulting Assistant
Doctor consults with assistant

The Day of Photography – On Site

It starts with our call sheet. This is a step by step schedule of who needs to be where and when, with approximately how long it will take to accomplish the set up, the actual shoot time and then the break down to move to the next location. If there are specific things that the client is responsible for, such as props or securing locations, that information should be on there as well.

In fact, if we have done our homework in the concept stage and the planning stage, the production is the easy part.

Of course, there are always little things that come up, conference calls that run over and other sudden changes that can halt the entire shoot.

Our goal is to minimize the distractions and the obstacles so that, when they do crop up, we can deal with them professionally and get on with the creative process.

Marketing Photo Jazz

Creating photography on location in a professional building is a lot like performing jazz. You create a plan and a guide to make your way through the day. You know where you want to be at the end. But, there are places on music score where you can find those wonderful, unique moments where all the preparation allows you to go off the sheet music and create something beautiful that has never been seen before.

Marketing photo to Building trust with Doctor and Patient Relationships
Doctor and Patient Relationships

We always circle back to the original concept and make sure our improv stays on task. We always aim to end on the right notes. In the end, we need to make sure we are creating what we set out to deliver. But, in between, we can take advantage and make some fun and effective images that were not on the original call sheet.

Doctors consulting at the practice

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