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A Reckless Poster Shoot!

A reckless photoshoot makes big googly eyes with Jenn and Rebecca from the footlight club.

A Reckless Photoshoot Poster and Behind the Scenes

Do you mind if we get a little reckless photoshoot in the mix?

I think I have mentioned this before: I love working with actors on photo shoots.

They always bring so much to the session and are totally invested in creating the perfect concept.

After all, we are collaborating to create the ultimate portrait of the character that they are working hard to become.

Jenn Bean came to the studio ready to play. She was cast as the lead in the Footlight Club‘s spring production of Reckless, by Craig Lucas. (interesting interview with him at Bomb Magazine)

Producer Rebecca Glucklich was in the studio to help art direct the shoot.

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The fun part of the shoot, for me, was watching these two professionals go to work and create the relationship between the two main characters.

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