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All in the Timing Poster Photography

“Dude, its kind of short notice but… We got these three monkeys with typewriters, see?”

Three Monkeys...

“Dude,” Kristin, the publicity director, said. “Its kind of short notice but… Here’s my idea. We got these three monkeys with typewriters, see?”

I said, “Sure! Makes perfect sense.”

So I called up a designer I know and said, “Christine, I got these composites of three monkeys. Only they are really people. And … well, they need tails and ears. And, titles. And, layouts. And, it is short notice.”

She said, “Dude.”

And, the rest is history!

Well, actually...

We photographed two versions of the project.

The original concept was for the monkeys to be only wearing hats, with all the naughty bits strategically hidden behind the typewriters.

Everyone was very excited about the shoot and we had already photographed everyone and were reviewing the selects on set to make sure they would match up with the gestures and expressions.

From the back of the crowd, someone said, “Um.”

And, a murmur started passing its way through from person to person.

Someone reminded us that there were some audience members who might not interpret the poster in a positive way.

And, since it wasn’t a show about nudity, and we were already set up, we rummaged through the costume closet and did another run through.

To be clear, I like both versions and understand the marketing angle. I do like the au natural monkeys better, personally.

What do you think?

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