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The Pillow Man Poster Photoshoot

A Photo Illustration and Behind the Scenes video for a poster for a black comedy called “The Pillow Man”.

Creating a poster for Pillow Man

Black comedy, indeed!

Director Mario Salinas saw my work for Peyton Pugmire’s poster for And Then There Were None and started talking with Kristin MacDougall about getting me in on The Pillow Man photo shoot.

She got me to read the play, which deals with some very dark material about childhood and growing up.

However, McDonagh’s handling of the subject and the story really appealed to me and my sense of humor. (Yeah yeah. Read the play and you will know what I mean. Better yet: go see it at the Footlight Club!)

Like all of my photo illustrations, it started with me sleeping on it and letting the story make its own pictures in my head.

From there… well… check out the video…

My thanks to everyone who helped put this one together, including my son, Hunter, on the video cam footage.

Jason Tennis: Katurian
Boy: Daniel Bender Stern
MUA: Kristin MacDougall and Maureen Festa
Costume: Maureen Festa

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