Carson Kreitzer’s Freakshow Poster Photography

The inspiration for the Freakshow shoot came partially from the character Amalia, who, in the play, has no arms and no legs. However, she is a very self empowered character. I also was inspired by Richard Avedon’s Lily Dachau Hat, 1966, at Boston’s MFA.

Michelle, who will be playing the part during the short run in Jamaica Plain, was wonderful to collaborate with and we ended up with several images that seemed to embody both the roll and the character.

My thanks to Maureen Festa for costume (yes, even beautiful nudes need wardrobe people!), Troy for hair and makeup duties, Eleza for producing and Brian Moyer for the brilliant idea of talking to me about his production. 😉

Also, my eternal gratitude to Catherine Moniz, who shot behind the scenes videos for us. We just haven’t gotten through the final edit yet. (And I needed to get this up before the show!)

Freakshow Behind the Scenes Video
Freakshow poster by
Is this image copyrighted? Yes, it is.
Is this image copyrighted? Yes, it is.

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