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Cherry Bomb! Boston Design Market 2016 Oct 5 & 6

Cherry Bomb! is in the Boston Design Center during Boston Design Market 2016. Come on down!

Cherry Bomb! and Boston Design

Masterpiece Galleries, ArtBeat Magazine and Canvas Fine Arts has put together an exciting group art show called “Pop Goes the Easel!” at the Boston Design Center as part of Boston Design Market 2016.

Industry leaders Chad Stark and Hutton Wilkenson will also be at the Center.

Boston Design Center, Suite #130
1 Design Center Pl
Boston, MA 02210
South Boston

Participating Artists
Beth Barry
Eleanor Fisher
Tally Forbes
Matthias Lupri
Matt McKee
Johniene Papandreas
Regina Piantedosi
Sallie Strand

See the Sweet Blast! Collection here.

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