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BNNTV Interview on It’s All About Arts

Host Glenn Williams grills me on the craft and art of photography, digital vs film and the rise of the point and shoot in this interview on live tv! We got the tape to prove it!

Boston Arts TV Show Live Interview

Glenn Williams, host and creator of the 18 year old Boston Neighborhood News show It’s All About Arts, interviewed abstract artist Sallie Strand and I live on Monday evening.

You can view the whole episode below. I come in after the Honey Doo! Behind the Scenes video at about 30 minutes.

But, don’t forget to check out Sallie’s interview. It’s very cool what this retired pastry chef does! Her work is amazing!

It’s All about Arts

Glenn does a great interview and has interviewed so many fantastic local artists here in Boston.

We got to talk about the craft and art of photography and about the Sweet Blasts! series and share some pictures from the series with co-host Amanda Lamoureaux Smith.

Tres Gatos!

After the show, I got to go out to Tres Gatos, in JP, for some wonderful tapas with Sallie, ArtBeat Magazine publisher Wendy Pitton and art consultant Suzanne Schultz.

What a fun evening!

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Dye Infused Aluminum Print
Part of the Sweet Blasts! Series.

More at

For more information about this image, its availability or getting similar images for your marketing, please contact the studio:

Matt McKee Photography
617-910-9314 m-f 9-5 pm est

Ever wonder how the Sweet Blasts! series is created? Here is a short behind the scenes look at how we created the photoshoot on location.

Sharing #3

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Butterfly in a Bear Trap on red background

Me, in between, Tim Montgomery and Rita Fucillo, publishers of Art New England

Art Beat Magazine praises Matt McKee's Sweet Success

ART Beat Magazine Praises Matt McKee’s Sweet Success: McKee’s approach is hyper-real and dangerously juxtaposed. Heavy ideas imbued with humor and cheeky attitude that this conceptual Boston based photographer favors.