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What the heck is Cherry Bomb! The Podcast?

If you create a series of photographs (Sweet Blasts) that were designed to start conversations about food, art and sustainability, the natural progression would be Cherry Bomb! The Podcast, where we share those conversations!

I started the series of personal photos about 10 years ago, inspired by my frustrations and fears about what we are doing with our food supply.

The concept of the series was to create images about food that were specifically designed to start conversations in the room about food and sustainability.

The series was a hit and people were displaying the series in their kitchens, dining rooms, homes and offices, to do just that.

Why Did You Start The Podcast?

Since I am, by no means, an expert on the subject of nutrition, farming, and sustainability (or pretty much any subject), I wanted to talk with people who were dealing with these things on a daily basis in their work and life.

My team and I have found chefs, tourism professionals, farmers and artists and recorded our conversations.

Cherry Bomb! The Podcast discovers who they are and how they are navigating these subjects. And,  I get to share those conversation with you.

Chef Paul D'Amore on Cherry Bomb! The Podcast 
Chef Paul D’Amore on Cherry Bomb! The Podcast

Where can I get more info?

The show page for Cherry Bomb! The Podcast is at my fine art site,

The show will drop new episodes every couple of weeks.

The format of the show is a natural conversation between two people and will center around the core subjects of food, art and sustainability.

Each episode will be about 20 minutes, or the length of my average commute, as that is when I am usually listening to podcasts myself!

I Want To Be A Guest On Your Podcast

Are you involved in food, health, nutrition, art or sustainability?

Then, I want to talk with you, too!

Get in touch using the form on this page and we can start the conversation!

Rita Fucillo, Publisher of Art New England 
Rita Fucillo, Publisher of Art New England

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