Creating the Perfect Family of Biotechnology Product Photography

Good biotechnology product photography needs to appeal to a very select audience – scientists and investors! Creating the perfect biotech product photo takes a little bit of planning to pull off the most effective image.

Often, these biotech products can’t travel to the studio. They have to be photographed on location due to their size, proprietary technology, or the fact that there is only one of these at the facility at a time. The rest are shipped around the world to clients who have no interest in hosting a photography session while they are going about their bio and pharmaceutical businesses.

Creating this photograph of a family of filters, we did some extensive preplanning. We knew that they wanted them to be on stark white to make them pounce off the page of their brochure. The biggest stood about three feet tall and needed two people to lift it. The filtering units were also stainless steel, so they are, in essence, a blurry, cylindrical mirror. And, putting 5 of these guys side by side would be almost impossible to light and photograph in such a way that every one of them would look perfect (reflections, burnt out highlights, distortion from the lens, and a set too deep to be accommodated in most facilities).

Our final solution was to photograph each one separately, using some of our clever lighting tricks to keep from blowing out the highlights, and then assemble them as needed. Each bio filter was its own hero and could be used separately or matched up to make up the entire family of products.

It did take a little longer to photograph the entire family in this way. But, the results are cleaner and clearer than if we had “ganged” them up. And, while there was some retouching to remove the background, we could control the reflections much more carefully and save on that part of the post production work.

Biotechnology product photography does not need to be tough, but it does need to be effective to reach your target audience. And, to be effective, it takes a little planning.

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