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Engineering the Perfect Headshot!

Great headshots are engineered for ROI. They don’t happen by chance. Engineering the Perfect Headshot starts with a simple conversation.

Engineering the Perfect Headshot!

Engineering the perfect headshot forVice President of Product Management
Vice President of Product Management

A client of mine recently coined the phrase “engineering the perfect headshot” while we were chatting about an upcoming corporate photo shoot at his offices.

We were talking about what goes into creating the perfect engineer headshot for his tech company’s bio page and tradeshow hand outs.

“I don’t want anything all artsy. I know how you artists are,” he said to me. “I need my people to look good for the people we contract with. But, they have to look like themselves.”

“Sure,” I said. “That makes perfect sense. But, can I ask you a little bit more about what we are doing?”

He said that was fine and I started in on the questions I ask everyone before we agree to estimate on a project.

  • What does your company do?
  • Who do you do it for?
  • Who will be seeing these headshots?
  • What appeals to them?
  • What key words should we invoke during the shoot?

And Engineering a Photoshoot

Engineering the perfect headshot for a CEO

He was surprised at how similar my questions were to what he asked his clients. He interviewed them to better understand what they needed and how to make his solution more successful.

“So, you are basically engineering the perfect headshot for us!” he exclaimed.

Based on our conversation, we were able to create a shot list, production notes and a schedule that he was comfortable with. The shoot went smoothly, everyone appreciated the timing and the images were exactly what they wanted and needed.

We engineered the perfect headshots for a very happy client!

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