Headshot for Architectural Designer

As I mentioned in a previous post, a headshot, when done right, is really a great portrait of a person, designed to help that person market themselves to a specific audience.

Greg called me after visiting with me at my Studio Grand Opening and Art Shmooze and wanted to talk about a headshot for his LinkedIn profile.

We talked about just how many people are undermining their reputations by using vacation pictures or “It’s good enough” snap shots on their profiles. He observed that people are always judged by their appearance, and social media hasn’t changed that one bit. In fact, it has gotten worse. It is much easier to dismiss someone when you are not face to face. Emails can be deleted. Profiles can be blocked.

How you look online, more than ever, is impacting how you do business in person.

This was not a mistake that he was going to make. He showed up with his jacket and shirt pressed, tie just right, bright eyed and ready to go. The session lasted about a half hour, shooting with natural morning light and netted us some wonderful editorial style portraits for his profiles and other marketing materials.

If you are in the market for headshots, executive portraits or business portraits, in the studio or on location, give me a call. We can talk about creating a unique portrait for you or your company, designed to meet your marketing goals.

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