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Father of the Bride Poster

Divine Stage Works has an evil plan for their poster shoot!

Making of The Father of The Bride Poster

Peyton Pugmire, the evil mind behind last year’s  “And Then There Were None” at the Footlight Club, approaches me about his current venture at Divine Stage Works: Father of the Bride.

“We are putting together a little show. I need a poster that will inspire my cast, keep me on point for my concept and put butts in the seats. Are you interested?”

I say, “Of course I am!”

The doorbell rings and Brian Moyer, “Mr. Massoula”, walks in. The doorbell rings again and Peyton and Elissa Jordan, the stage manager, are at the door. And again, Jim Ansart, “Mr. Banks” (the father in Father of the Bride). And then Meghan Connors, Liz Bean, Lindsey Darling, and Matt Finn.

Troy shows up with a bag full of wigs and Maureen Festa mans the scissors for last minute tweaking and sizing.

Of course, the chaos that is swirling around us is all controlled and going according to the pre production meetings. We know that Brian gets to go first and we will also shoot his hand as a separate element for the composite.

It is, as always, a blast working with these folks. Some I get to meet for the first time and some have been in my little studio many times.

Our last subject for the night is Matt Finn, dressed in drag channeling I Love Lucy. I am laughing so hard that I almost knock the camera off its stand.

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