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6th Annual Hyde Park Jazz Festival Music Poster

Creating the 6th Annual Hyde Park Jazz Festival Poster with some photo illustration work.

Creating the 6th Annual Hyde Park Jazz Festival Poster

2015 Hyde Park Jazz Festival Music Poster
6th Annual Hyde Park Jazz Festival, Boston.

I was asked by jazz saxaphonist, Daniel Ian Smith, to create the 2015 Hyde Park Jazz Festival Music Poster for their free concert at the DCR Martini Shell.

To create it, we started with Daniel playing in the studio, lit with a big octa bank. There was a large fill card on the right side just to soften the contrast a bit.

The white wall behind him was a great starting place. We had to extend it a bit to fit the poster proportions.

To add the feel of the hot jazz coming from his horn, we used the popular SandStorm action.

Once the action finished running, I tweaked several of the layers to give room for the poster copy and to keep your attention where we wanted it in the poster.

I have done several projects with Daniel and it is always a lot of fun.

I get to use my photography and photoshop skills in similar ways to the free flowing jazz musicians, following a line but improvising all over the place!

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