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Holcomb’s Used Cars – An Editorial Project

An editorial photography tour of Holcomb’s Used Cars, an award winning shop where vintage and classic vehicles are brought back to factory original!

Would You Like a Low Mileage Nash?

In the small town of Madison, North Carolina, there is a hole-in-the-wall car shop that looks like it is down on it’s luck.

The sign is rusty and the building needs a paint job.

But, hidden behind the detritus of decay is Holcomb’s Used Cars – a shop that would blow any car afictionado’s mind!

Holcomb's Used Cars

Jack Holcomb started buying and selling cars in 1950.

He’s now 87 years old and has a couple of barns, off property, filled with some of the cream of the crop of vintage and historic vehicles.

Jack Holcomb
Jack Holcomb

I had the pleasure of meeting Jack and touring one of his private spaces, filled with Thunderbirds, a Nash Ramblers, a 1954 Jaguar and many more classic and vintage vehicles.

All of them have been lovingly restored to factory glory and beyond in his small 2 bay garage by him and his two sons.

Nash Rambler Grill

Surrounded by his trophies and restorations, we had a great conversation about his love of these historic vehicles, while testing out a new camera.

His latest project is restoring a 1947 Allard. He discovered the vehicle on the back of a flat bed, on its way to the scrap yard. He bought it on the spot for $200. He and his sons are rebuilding it part by part, paying attention to the fine details down to the original screws used to hold it together.