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Madam Mercy and Dr. Phobeus –Steampunk Portraits at the Studio

Steampunk portraits of Madam Mercy and Dr. Phobeus – in da house!

Concepting to Prep for Biotech Photography:

More from our steampunk shoot for Bruce Rosenbaum’s book on the subject. This is Brian and Jessica. They are expert haunters and avid steampunkers, amongst, I am sure, other things.

Lot’s of fun in the studio, that was for sure!

More steampunk portraits:

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Tim McShea, Johanna Perri, and Brian Boruta, for the poster for Singing in the Rain at Emerson Umbrella, art directed by Julia Fiske. Releases on file.

Another Matthew McKee Photograph (

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781-329-4109 m-f 9-5 pm est

Creating Rain in a makeshift temporary studio, for Singing in the Rain, backstage at the Emerson Umbrella.

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