Yasmin Reza’s ART Poster Photography for BTAT

The Boston Teen Acting Troupe are back in the studio to create poster photography for their latest production. This time it’s a fun and interesting performance of Yasmin Reza’s ART.

As always, these guys are a blast to work with. They came in with a frame that was actually too big to photograph!

Well, of course, we could have done it, eventually. But, we had a better solution ready at hand in our prop closet.

Behind the Scenes poster photography
Love my Octabank!
poster photography behind the scenes
I’ve been Framed!

Creating the Poster Photography

I had been given a couple of antique frames from some old office on the property here. They had probably contained oil paintings of the founders of some august firm that has vanished in the midst of time, leaving behind the fading and peeling gold leaf.

Anyway, the classic, thick (and heavy) gold frame seemed to set off the perfect tone for the stark modern story about the question “What is Art?” (more info about the play itself)

Kevin Kaulopoulos, Ronan Smith, Alex Bailey staring in the Boston Teen Acting Troupe’s production of ART, at the Bulger Performing Arts Center, Directed by Jack Serio.

Poster Photography For Entertainment Companies

Are you producing a show? Working on a new film project? Promoting a theatrical performance? Perhaps a nice poster photo shoot to help put some fresh butts into your seats?

Give me a call and we can collaborate on your next theatrical marketing project!

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