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Pride and Prejudice Play Poster For Theatrical Marketing

The Pride and Prejudice play poster features the cast in this clean, modern poster created to promote the theater production and The Footlight Club.

Creating the Pride and Prejudice Play Poster

The cast of Pride and Prejudice came by the studio to create a clean, modern poster to promote the production and The Footlight Club.

We wanted to create some interest and excitement about the classic play based on the Jane Austen novel. I sat down with director Kristen Hughes and producer David Rodrigues to plan out our shoot, who needed to be on the poster and the over all feel for the play.

While it would be set traditionally, we wanted to attract modern audiences who may not be familiar with the material. We went with a minimal look and let the costumes and actors stand out on white.

The production was vibrant and fresh, quick witted and funny. And, played to a packed house!

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