Donkey Boy and Pan take medals at IAA 2010 Awards

Matt McKee Photography receives award medals for two image in the prestigious International Aperture Awards. Pan received a Silver Award and Donkey Boy took a Bronze award in the international competition that saw entries from 91 countries.

This is the 3rd year of the competition, which is open to professional and amateur photographers worldwide. With a total prize pool of over US$80,000, including a first prize in the Open competition of US$20,000 in cash, the competition attracts some of the best international professional and amateur photography.

The judging panel represents the ‘best of the best’ of international professional photographers. In addition to the huge prize pool, the success of the competition is in no small part due to the quality of this panel of top industry professionals. Judges include head judge and Grand Master of Photography Peter Eastway, Bob Coates, Pieter de Ras, Alycia Alvarez, Dennis Orchard, Christian Fletcher, Chris Lalonde and Ray Lowe, among others.

The 2010 International Aperture Awards is proudly supported by Pentax, Pixel Purity, Kayell Australia, Sigma, Better Photography Magazine and Polaroid.

Pan Photo IAA 2010 Silver Medalist
Donkey Boy Photo International Aperature Award Bronze Medalist
Titania and Bottom

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