Rocketboy and Gears Christmas: Coal Case File!

Rocketboy and Gears: Coal Case File
Rocketboy and Gears: Coal Case File

Once again, our heroes, Rocketboy and Gears, find themselves deep in the heart of a festive mystery!

This time, they must find and rescue the Man in the Red suit from mythical creatures from beyond time itself!

Our action begins on a cold and snowy winter solstice, just three days before Christmas, high up in the Adirondack Mountains, not far from the border.

Mysterious tracks appear in the new fallen snow – Giant foot prints! And, they appear to be dragging something… Or, someone!

Join Rocketboy and Gears, in their 15th mystery adventure, as they unravel the…

Rocketboy and Gears Christmas: Coal Case File!

And the old radio squawked and sputtered on the beat-up desk, almost in time with the gusting wind outside.

“I’m ready to go,” said Rocketboy, adjusting his goggles. “Have you been able get through?”

“No,” replied Gears. “The storm has knocked out the radio antennae. I made one out of the tin cans but the signal isn’t strong enough to reach the base camp. We are on our own this time.”

Gears sighed and walked over to the trap door. Rocketboy grinned and grabbed the rope.

“It’s cool, Gears. Just lower me down and I will be able to swing in. Just like that time in San Francisco!”

“I just wish I could have made out those last words on his transmission. It was so garbled that the software on my laptop kept trying to translate it to ‘Betty’. But, we know that isn’t right. What was The Man in Red trying to tell us?”

Rocketboy paused at the top of the old, rickety ladder. His eyes opened wide for a moment.

“You don’t suppose he might have said…”

“Don’t say it!” exclaimed Gears.

“Not… Yeti?”

Gears sighed. “You just had to say it.”

Studio Card #15 - Coal Case File - Concept to Composite - Timelapse Photoshoot
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