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Sondheim’s Company Marketing Poster

Steven Sondheim’s Sondheim’s Company marketing poster photoshoot from our sessions in the studio.

The Company Marketing Poster

Sondheim’s Company marketing poster photoshoot for the Footlight Club needed a fresh, urban, clean look and reflect a modern sensibility.

We decided to keep the design fairly minimal. A simple graphic for the background would reflect the New York City vibe.

And, clean minimalist portraits of each of the actors would give them the opportunity to bring their characters out.

The photo shoot was scheduled for a Saturday morning to match up schedules.

Jenn Gluchlick & Sandi Mcdonald, the show’s co-producers, coordinated efforts.

We also needed  a makeup shoot to accommodate an actor who dropped out of the production after the original session.

Sue Kim Lucchini, the show’s director, was also on both shoots to help with character development. Sherilyn Levy organized costumes. And, the amazing Troy Seigfried was instrumental with hair and makeup.

As always, working with actors is an amazing experience.

They come in ready to go and are as invested in the process and the end product as we are.

The Company marketing poster was used for a large outdoor banner, postcard, business card hand out and, of course, the usual social media outlets (facebook, twitter, etc).

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