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All was quiet on Christmas Eve…

All was quiet on Christmas Eve as Gears looked over the scope. Suddenly, Rocketboy spots a blip coming out from the North Pole!

Rocketboy and Gears: All was Quiet on Christmas Eve

It had been a quiet night in the bunker. The scope was clean. All was routine and peaceful. Hunter checked the dials across his board and made notes on his clipboard.

Shay nodded at the screen, eyes at half mast, but still watchful. Ever vigilant, even when half asleep.

Forty feet above, the tower made its silent, circular sweep across the night sky. A slow, lazy drift of flurries added a haze to the background noise on the scope. Shay slowly leaned over to adjust a knob on the lower panel.

He sat up suddenly…

Happy Holidays, Everyone!

Thanks for another fantastic year of opportunities to collaborate and create unique photo illustrations for a wide variety of marketing tools.

Let’s do it all again in the New Year!

More details on how it was done here on

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