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Space242’s Good vs Eeevil Show … It’s On!

Good vs Eeevil back on for a battle at Space242 opening and three of mine were there!

Good vs Eeevil!

Heads up! Fair warning… and all of that…

Space 242 is putting on Good vs Eeevil again (well, for the first time, too.). This was the fine art/low brow show that got bumped back in June. The opening gallery reception is now on for Friday, January 28, 2011, 6 pm – 8 pm, Space242 at 242 Berkeley Street, Boston! I also plan on getting my butt down to the Artist’s Talk on Friday, February 4 from 7-8pm. Gallery hours are Friday evenings 6:30-8pm (no rsvp necessary).

Three of my photographs, including Heroine, above, are in with some great company. The other artists showing are Alyssa Adams, Gillian Alexiel, Allison Bamcat, EJ Barnes, Sheila Berry, Allie Biondi, Sean Bixby, Allison Blackwell, Craig Bostick, Joe Botsch, Kristin Boucher, Scott Bruns, Brian Butler, Derrek Coss, Joe Dellagatta, Michael Destefano, Jim Downes, Eamon, Andy Fish, Ashley Freeland, Brian Gubicza, Erica Henderson, Jeff Horwat, Patt Kelley, Sarah Kim, Chelsea Lane, Ron LeBrasseur, Jesse Lonegran, Nathalie Magri, Joanna Matuck, Fish McGill, Massimo Mongiardo, Greg Moutafis, Christian Noise, Greg Orfanos, Peter Paul Payack, Caroline Ramsey, Rhonda Ratray, Mister Reusch, Derek Ring, Roho, Caitlin Ryan, Josh Santa-Cruz, Lisa Scollan, Andrew Sloan, Lindsay Small, Stones, Jared Tharp, Tom Torrey, Jack Turnbull, Robb Waters, David Wentworth, and Steven Young.

So, come on down and check out an art opening that is sure to be a blast.

Space242 is a great gallery space in the same building as the Weekly Dig and presents pop surrealist and “low brow” artists. Their past shows have included  I…You…We…ROBOT: A Visual Homage To Our Inner Geek! and Get Your Freak On! Celebrating Circus Foks, Carnies and Sideshow Freaks, among many other very cool exhibits.

The Robot show and the Freak show, both of which had images from my portfolio (now am I low brow or pop surreal? hmm….) both had huge crowds at the openings, with lots of who’s who from the Boston arts scene.

Definitely get there early and join a wicked cool art party!

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