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The Best of 2020 – Thankful at Matt McKee Photography

A selection of greatest hits in 2020 – Photos and clients that I am so thankful for during this very odd and disappointing year.

The things I am thankful for in 2020… Yeah, I know…

Well, the list of things I am thankful for is not quite as long as in years past, that’s for darned tootin’.

However, I have been blessed with a group of fantastic clients who have worked hard to pivot and keep their marketing, and their companies (and all the people who work there) moving forward.

I am thankful for a pace that has allowed me to breath and gather my thoughts. I am thankful for the support of friends, fans, and family.

And, I am thankful for things that have distracted me from doom scrolling into despair.

I am thankful for my Rotary Club’s Duck Race that raised over eight grand for local food pantries. I got to play a lot with that whole virtual presentation thing (you can check out the Neponset Valley Sunrise Rotary Duck Race here.)

Yes, we are certainly living in interesting times.

2020 has been … well…

<in my best Dad voice>

“I am not angry. I am just so disappointed.”

Scratch that. There is some anger.

Something good… Please.

The good news is that, the more we learn every day about our situation, the more we can work to make things better.

I believe in science. More importantly, I work with way too many scientists and technical people to lose faith that we will have better times in the future.

Stay safe. Stay healthy.

Please find one good thing in every day.

And, I look forward to the opportunity to work with you in 2021.



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