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Family Law Attorney Headshot

People pick their attorneys very carefully. We created a family law attorney headshot with that in mind! See what she had to say about her experience

The Key to a Family Law Attorney Headshot

Chelsea just got her dream job at a law firm that I have the pleasure of collaborating with to create unique headshots for their entire team. They recently sent her over to the studio for her session.

And, here’s what she had to say about it:

“It was my first official website picture for my dream job. Excited? Nervous? Both.

This picture had to be perfect.

Ordinarily, I have fun taking pictures with my friends and family, but, I can be critical of how I look in pictures. I knew before my shoot with Matt that my critical vibe might translate.

I don’t like to admit I was wrong, but, I was wrong.

Matt and his team made the photo shoot loads of fun. I felt engaged, and I was the opposite of critical. As we became comfortable with one another, everything felt natural and I truly felt like my personality was shining though. Matt taught me this was the key to a great photo shoot.

He explained that the best shot is the one that captures your personality, and not the one you necessarily think you look your best in.

As a family law attorney, I wanted a picture for our website that expressed I was confident and trustworthy, yet, approachable and bubbly all at the same time. I believe that me and Matt nailed our target, and we had a great time getting there!”

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