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The Skull of Santa Claus Found! Stock Photo Skull of Santa Claus

Just your above average stock photo of a skull with a santa claus hat. Just what you need this holiday season. Don’t tell the kiddies!

Exclusive: Ancient Skull of Santa Claus Discovered

Stock Photo Skull of Santa Claus available for your instant download!

A recent archeological dig has uncovered proof that Santa Claus may have really existed.

These documentary stock photos of the excavated skull have been smuggled out of a top secret research camp above the Arctic Circle.

No one is supposed to have these yet, but we at McKee Photography have the exclusive scoop for your collection of gothic holiday fare!

Click on the stock photos below for instant access to download it.

With this Stock Photo Skull of Santa Claus, the myth of Santa Claus is conclusively proven with these photos smuggled out of an archeology dig in the snowy lands to the North. Probably somewhere near the North Pole.

Yeah, these are the real deal, aren’t they? It must be true because it is written right here, of course. Why would you doubt me about this?

Okay, fine. It is probably, most likely, definitively a christmas hat stuck on a skull, with a few different angles.

But, it could be good for your above average Goth Holiday Party invitation.

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