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Theatre Brochure Cover Photography

How we captured the tech side of theatrical life for the Footlight Club’s theater brochure.

Yes, Theater brochures are important!

Yes, brochures are still a handy sales tool for almost any industry.

Not everyone is going to find you on the search engines. So how can you drive people to your site?

How about a handout that they can pick up at your events, at your friends’ events, at tradeshows, or even at your favorite ice cream shop?

The Footlight Club approached me about creating a photo for the cover of their new season theater brochure to celebrate the tech side of the theater. We decided that a nice dramatic image of theatrical lights would fit the bill.

However, it couldn’t be specific to any one show, so we concepted up the idea of a lighting technician hanging lights to tell the story.

This was done in the studio to avoid impacting the theater’s schedule. They were in full tech week mode!

We put a light in a lighting instrument and had our subject climb a ladder. The shoot was done in studio for better control of the situation and ease of doing our own lighting.

My thanks, as always, to the fine theatre folks for another fun collaboration!

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