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Yin Yang Portrait for Science!

Creating a portrait for science using a Yin-Yang session is a great way to help your investors understand who they are investing in.

Portrait for Science!

One of the things I love about creating Yin-Yang Portraits for the scientists, engineers and consultants that come through my Boston photo studio is that we get to have great conversations, while creating portraits that will tell their story to their target market.

Dan was was brought in as the Head of Biology for a biotech consulting firm that had hired me to create portraits of their executive team last year.

Talk about a portrait for science!

Because I keep careful notes, I was able to recreate and match the lighting set up from the previous sessions and could concentrate on working with Dan on posture, expression and the desired audience for the photograph.

As the Head of Biology, there was a specific set of people who would be looking at his page and his portrait and they would be looking for certain clues as to whether or not to do business with him and the company. We came up with a series of keywords that described what the prospective client might be looking for and began working toward those goals.

As always, while on set, we started talking about life, the universe, and everything. Dan has lived all over the world and grew up playing jazz and funk in a band in Florida. We talked about how music and science interrelate and the joys of life in New England.

By the end of the session, we had a set of images that would be able to tell Dan’s story and appeal to the target audience for use on the company web site and other publicity materials.

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