5 Reasons Other People Say You Need a New Headshot

Need a New Headshot

People who engage me on the subject of needing headshots and executive portraits are often confused by my passion for the subject. They politely nod their heads and wonder if I am just trying to sell my commercial photography. Well, I am, of course. But that doesn’t change my passion for creating the ultimate business portrait for my clients.

So, here are six reasons to get a new headshot, as stated by other people. And, no, I have never met any of these people (although, I think we would get along just fine).

1. Your old headshot may be killing your job opportunities.

According to Martin Yate, CPC, on CareerCast.com, your old headshot may be killing your job opportunities. “In recent studies, up to 90% of human resources people say they check out social media profiles, especially LinkedIn and Facebook, before inviting a candidate in for an interview. This means the wrong headshot can kill your chances of even talking on the phone stone-dead. Is your headshot killing your opportunities for job offers before you even get the opportunity to interview?”

2. A picture can be worth a thousand bucks. Or some significant media exposure.

“Or an invitation to speak at a major conference,” riffs Sara Clemenceon DailyWorth.com, an entrepreneur site. She goes on to relate the story about how she used her professional headshot to get national attention for her startup.

3. You’ve noticed your profile pic was taken a couple of hairstyles ago

“Not to mention it was on a trip to Kauai and you are wearing nothing but board shorts and clutching a Mai Tai.Or maybe you just never even got around to adding a photo. Yes, it’s high time you update your headshot,” says Paul Cannon on the SalesForce.com company blog.

4. It will pay for itself almost immediately.

Blogger Emilie Hendrex, over at PRByTheBook.com had a really good point about treating your headshot as an investment.
“Invest in a professional photographer to take headshots! In perspective of how often you will use them, they will pay for themselves almost immediately.”

5. “Very few employers want to hire someone who is so demonstrably clueless.”

And, last but not least, Susan P. Joyce, online job search expert said on The Huffington Post Business Blog, “To be successful today, most professional jobs require knowledge and skill with social media. [LinkedIn] profiles without photos are usually either not very active or just plain out-of-date. And, very few employers want to hire someone who is so demonstrably clueless.”

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New headshots mean new job opportunities and new goals!

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