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Action Photography for Products

Creating action photography for products helps your customers better understand what your product does and how it helps them solve their problems.

Catch a Little Action for Your Products

Creating action photography for products can help your customers and clients know what your product does.


Pour Your Heart Out

Action Product Photography
Action Product Photography

This high tech, industrial hose product uses a conductive wire to avoid static build up while it is in use in manufacturing settings.

It can safely blow or suck up materials and avoid static build up that might otherwise cause a fire, ruining someone’s day.


Setting up Action Photography for Products

Action Product Photography
Action Product Photography

To illustrate this important functionality, we built a set in the studio to rig up the hose so it would hang straight.

The conductive wire was stripped and styled.

Lighting is, as always, key to showing off the product.

A little diy funnel was made out of a large sheet of paper and threaded into the top of the straight hose.

Aquarium gravel was used for size and relatively easy clean up. Most of it hit the bucket underneath. But, I am certain I will be finding bits of gravel for months to come.

The Photography Schedule:

Drag the shutter a bit and the action shows up as a sweet, slight blur.

A little experimenting with the blur and some retouching in post tells the product’s story to potential buyers!

Action photography in the studio!

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