Shakespeare Abridged, The Poster

The Boston Teen Acting Troupe has been in the studio a couple times before. I finally was able to stop Jack Serio, the troupe’s co-founder and director of their current production to ask him a little about his goal for the poster we were making.

Here’s his answer:

“Our goal is to portray our self as a professional theatre company.

However, because we are only a year old, gaining a following and audience is somewhat troublesome.

So, how do we we prove to our audience that we’re “legit”? The poster!

If people see a professional poster they expect to see a professional show. I think that’s main reason why we do it.

However it’s also great to have a record of all our shows too

So as far as how we use it..
– Social Media: Company Facebook and Twitter
-Physical Use: Store Windows and Handouts
-Press Releases: A copy of the poster is attached to all press releases”

Thanks, Jack!

Catch The Complete Works of William Shakespeare at the this weekend! Tickets at

Here’s a little behind the scenes from our shoot.

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