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Betrayal, by Harold Pinter: A Poster

So, strip it down to the basics, make it eye catching and appealing and make it a fantasy. What better fantasy than the cover of a beauty magazine?

Betrayal by Harold Pinter

Wayne Fritsche, a wonderful actor I met during The Full Monty shoot (Oh, that is another story…) approached me about working with him and Lyralen Kaye on promotion of their production of Betrayal, by Harold Pinter.

They put together a tremendously talented cast of Meisner trained actors, directed by Gail Phaneuf, who ain’t no slouch either!

The preproduction for the shoot revolved around Gail’s interpretation of Pinter’s script.

Concepting for the poster went through a number of different versions until we evolved into the fantasy world that the three main characters have created for themselves.

But, it also had to be extremely eye catching and resonate with the modern theater crowd.

So, strip it down to the basics, make it eye catching and appealing and make it a fantasy. What better solution than to create a poster that looks like the cover of a beauty magazine?

Concepting, pre-planning, layouts, drawings, mockups – all of these things are really just a warm up for what actually happens during a shoot.

When you take three incredibly talented people and put them into these characters and watch them become these characters…

Well, from my seat behind the camera, it was a kind of magic that just doesn’t happen every day.

The photo on the poster may look very simple. However, to me, they look so real because they became the characters and were “in the moment”.

The shoot was an absolute blast!

My thanks to Wayne Fritsche, Lyralen Kaye, Rodney Raftery, Gail Phaneuf and Karin Trachtenberg for making it look so easy!

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