Brain Cramp! A Halloween Themed Photoshoot

Welcome to our Halloween Themed Photoshoot.

Happy Halloween, Everyone! It’s been a little quiet around here… A little too quiet… The perfect time for a Halloween Themed Photoshoot!

Fall has been extremely busy, between client projects, the ever expanding Sweet Blast series, two shows and family fun. Hard to get a moment in for remembering what we have been up to!

Which, of course, makes it the perfect time for a little Halloween themed fun.

The Halloween Themed Concept

The concept for the shoot was inspired by several projects with the Boston Teen Acting Troupe. I first met Jack Serio, the co-founder of the theatrical team, at RTWBoston, when he was 14 years old. I was photographing the dress rehearsal for Romeo and Juliette.

The Halloween Themed Brain Cramp, featuring Mikey, Jack and Kevin, looking deep into the inner workings of the mind!

He recruited me to help him create eye catching, concept driven posters for the young performers’ upcoming productions.

After a few poster photo shoot projects, we began talking about putting together a studio shoot just for fun. And, we wanted to recruit Dr. Kevin Domingos, long time supporter of the Troupe and RTWBoston, and noted medical expert on the brain.

Naturally, we decided to flip the script on Kevin and have him be the subject of the troupe’s experiments.

The Photo Shoot

After a little prop shopping for the mad scientist gear, fabrication of the electrons and other materials, we got busy on set.

The brain itself was sourced by Kevin, who kindly donated it into the studio’s growing prop closet.

You can see a time-lapse video of the entire production below.

Brain Cramp, a Halloween Themed Photoshoot with the Boston Teen Acting Troupe
Brain Cramp before post production
The Boston Teen Acting Troupe production team on set
The Cast and crew on Brain Cramp! Ritchie, Mikey, Matt, Hunter, Kevin (in the chair), Jack, Bridgett
Brain Cramp! Time-lapse Production Video

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