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New World Jazz Composers CD and Poster Shoot

Shooting in a night club to create a cd cover…

Concepting to Prep for Biotech Photography:

2010 Daniel Ian Smith promo
New World Jazz Composers Octet and Daniel Ian Smith

UPDATE: The cd is now up at

Back at the end of 2009, a good friend and fantastic jazz musician, Daniel Ian Smith, invited me to listen to his New World Jazz Composers Octet at Ryles, in Cambridge.

At the time, my Nikon D700 was down with a bad case of shutter death. They loaned me their Nikon D3 during its resurection and, being the photographer I am, I couldn’t resist bringing it to the club (With Dan’s permission, of course!).

It was a splendid evening, playing with a camera that amazingly sees what I see, drinking wonderful single malt scotch and listening to the hottest jazz octet I have heard in a long time.

William Brinkley laid out the cd cover, using images from the show on the inside and a couple of images I shot outside of WGBH Boston, during a shoot at the octet’s recording session.

If you are into great local jazz, and other music, Ryles is the place.

And, for music, check out Danial Ian Smith’s web page. You can get the cd when it comes out in a week or so….

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