Does your online photo match your in person brand?

Your In Person brand and your online brand need to mesh to support your future interactions.

Harrison Monarth has a great article on the Entrepeneur blog about 7 types of photos you should never use on LinkedIn. What it is really about is choosing the right photo for your chosen audience. And, whether consciously or not, where you put your profile is make a choice about who you are trying to impress, woo, or convince to hire you.

Generally, when you get ready to go out on a job interview, sales call, fundraising meeting or even a date, you make choices about what to wear, how to act, when to arrive, etc.. These decisions are making up your “in-person” brand. After all, a brand can be defined as the sum of the impression people have about a product, company or person.

But, how many people approach their online image the same way?

Harrison references some science behind how we perceive others that is interesting.

But, the real meat of the article is in his seven tips. The biggest violation I see these days is number 6: The Selfie. “it’s not an acceptable method of photography for any professional endeavor… And, it’s lazy. Hand someone else the camera.”

If you desire to be taken seriously, make sure that you take your headshot seriously. Put some thought into it, prepare for it and remember, this is a representation of your “in person” brand.

Be sure to check out some of my other tips for headshots!

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