Hyde Park Jazz Festival Music Poster

I was asked by jazz saxaphonist, Daniel Ian Smith, to create a new Hyde Park Jazz Festival Music Poster for their up coming free concert on July 23, 2016.

This was more of a creative edit than an actual photo project. The goal was to take one of the photos I captured at last year’s event and tweak it to capture the feel of sitting out on the lawn and listening to live jazz being performed in the DCR Martini Shell.

Setting the scene: The acoustics were wonderful as each group performed their set. As the sun slow slid from the sky, the light turned blue, and we munched on our picnic dinner. Rows of lawn chairs, brought by fans from all over, dotted the lawn, in between blankets and people sitting on their coolers. In the back of the lawn, kids were playing ring toss and kicking around a soccer ball.

To capture the romantic feeling of that moment, I shifted the raw photo into the blue and started layering in some other colors. I also used a Shimmer Action to get the firefly feel.

Once the action finished running, I tweaked several of the layers to give room for the poster copy and to keep your attention where we wanted it in the poster.

Hyde Park Jazz Festival Music Poster with text

It is always fun to collaborate with fellow artists in other practices to help promote their projects.  This was my second Hyde Park Jazz Festival Music Poster (see the 2015 Hyde Park Jazz Festival Music Poster here) and I look forward to starting the conversation for 2017!

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