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Engineering the Perfect Lab Photos!

Perfect lab photos don’t just happen. It takes a little bit of planning, prep work and coordination to get lab photos that really show off your company.

Lab Photography

Vial in Hand
Science is in the details

Recently, we were asked to estimate a photography shoot for a web site rebranding project.

Most of the images were to be shot in three different lab spaces in Cambridge. But, there wasn’t a firm shot list yet, so it was difficult to create an estimate that would be accurate and that would get us the “best” images.

Even the definition of what “best” meant was something that had to be defined.

After all, I know we can create images that are interesting to me all day long in just about any space. But, for them to be interesting to the client, and more importantly, to the client’s prospective investors, we needed to do some research.

It started with a conversation about how many major areas we needed to illustrate, how many images we would like to accomplish for the rebranding and some approximate timing. That got us a rough estimate, which also included a site visit.

Site Visits for Perfect Lab Photos

Lab detail photography

The site visit is one of the best ways to ensure that the client gets the best ROI for their photoshoot budget.

A walk through of the space allows us to start planning the actual shoot day.

  • Where will the shoot be set up?
  • Who needs to be in the image?
  • What lab gear will be featured?
  • Do we have photo ready lab wardrobe?
  • Does anything need to be cleaned/organized?
  • When is that part of the lab available? And the people?
  • What is the most expedient method to get the most shooting time for the number of images on the list?
  • Are there other images that we can get from each set up?
  • etc.

On the shoot date, we referenced these notes and, with only a few minor tweaks, were able to accomplish the entire list, plus a couple of additional, bonus, images, to make for a very happy client.

And, a great rebranded web site!

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