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Coronavirus Safe Product Photo and Headshot Sessions

April 1, 2022
Yes, we are doing marketing photography. Our Covid Policies are changing as we know more. Check our Coronavirus Safe Photo Session Tips and stay up to date
Yes, we are doing marketing photography. Our Covid Policies are changing as we know more. Check our Coronavirus Safe Photo Session Tips and stay up to date

This coronavirus photography workflow post was originally posted in November of 2020. It has been updated several times as guidelines have evolved.

We will continue to update it as needed.

Update: March 5, 2022: Coronavirus Safe Photo Session

So, the mask mandate has ended for Boston, making it easier for a coronavirus safe photo session. That said, we will still wear masks when requested or when we feel appropriate. After all, haven’t had a cold in a while, so… 😉

But, otherwise, the photo studio is open and rocking and rolling with photo shoots for products, people and places.

So, lets get cracking, people. Those web site rebrands aren’t going to photograph themselves!

Update: January 10, 2022: Photography Still Happens

Yes, that’s right. We are still rocking and rolling. Albeit, masked and situationally aware.

As we watch the spike in cases after the holidays, we are maintaining our Covid protocols on set and behind the scenes to keep our clients, and ourselves, as safe as possible.

Update: July 30, 2021: My team and I are vaccinated and marinated!

We are fully vaccinated. However, we are still watching the CDC guidelines carefully as they are adjusted for the current science.

So, we will still be checking temperatures and wearing masks when appropriate.



The New Coronavirus Photography Workflow


I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. As our commercial photography sessions start coming back online, my crew and I are getting back to work. We taking the current events around the pandemic very seriously. Through vigorous research, our new coronavirus safe session policies are designed to protect you, your team, myself and my team during our photoshoots.

The studio is open and we are actively doing in-studio and on location product photography through the use of remote work protocols. We can accept delivery of products via shipping. We are also using Zoom conferences and Microsoft Teams for consulting and concepting.

For shoots that require a client onsite (headshots or photoshoots that need technical expertise), we are using masks and hand sanitizer, hand washing and social distancing through out our process to keep everyone as safe as possible.

The Corporate Headshot

These new protocols are evolving, and will continue to evolve, as we learn more from the CDC and local and state authorities. And, they do have an impact on our sessions. For one, they take a little longer to produce.

Also, the number of crew members and client representatives allowed on set will be pared down to essentials only.

Talking and directing through a mask does take some adjustment. However, I find it is not too different than our clean room photography protocols.

Coronavirus Photoshoot Protocols

Our new coronavirus safe photo session policies will apply to all sessions for the foreseeable future. And, they will continue to evolve as state and CDC suggestions and policies dictate.

  • All equipment will be wiped down with sanitizing solution prior to client’s arrival. It will also be wiped down in between clients
  • Photographer, make-up artist and assistant will wear a mask at all times
  • Client will wear a mask prior to and immediately following sessions.
  • A no-touch policy will be in effect, which means no handshakes. And, gloves will be used for any adjusting of our clients’ hair, makeup or clothing.
  • However, most posing and adjustments will be directed without any contact.
  • Client will not touch any equipment at any time.
  • Photographer, crew and subject will wash their hands or use hand sanitizer upon arrival and every hour. We will provide hand sanitizer. And, the photographer will be the only one touching the bottle.
  • 48 hour cancellation policy waived if illness occurs
  • If anyone in the shoot feels sick, in any capacity, prior to the session or on the day of, especially fever or cough, the photo session will not take place under any circumstance. We will reschedule the shoot.
  • If client or photographer feels unsafe at any time during the session, the session will end and both the client and photographer will determine the best way to proceed.

Let's All Stay Safe!

We are, like most everyone else in the world, are watching the situation closely. And, we will update our policies, and this post, as things change.

To book your session, give me a call or shoot me an email. We will navigate our new reality and make great pictures together.

Stay safe and I look forward to working with you!


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