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Get Lucky! and Honey Doo! and The Art of Matt McKee

It’s all about Get Lucky and Honey Doo and The Art of Matt McKee. Plus, if you are looking for new art for your digs (keep it fresh, yo!), check out my special deal at the bottom of the post!

Lots of Good News on the Art Side of Matt McKee

Yes, we are certainly in interesting times. But, we soldier on and keep on living, while we can!

In that vein, the news today is all about Get Lucky! and Honey Doo! and The Art of Matt McKee.

And, there is a bit of good news for you, too!

Read on, my friends, and don’t forget to check out the special link at the bottom of the post

Lose The Film ‘Zine With Honey Doo! and Get Lucky!

Get Lucky! and Honey Doo! Sweet Blasts Series
Get Lucky! and Honey Doo! Sweet Blasts Series

Honey Doo! (2016) and Get Lucky! (2019) have both been accepted into a ‘zine called Lose The Film, by Joey Aronhalt.

“Irreplaceable Resources”, the title of the issue, considers the “resources us humans cannot survive without in whatever capacity survival is determined to be.”

Joey commented, “This issue will help encourage dialogue and greater consideration about our interaction with our planet and what is vital.”

The zine, in production/design phase right now, will be 32 pages, 5.25 x 8.25” and is only available through pre-ordering now.

International Juried Photography Exhibition

Get Lucky!, the most recent in the Sweet Blasts Series, was accepted into Praxis Photo Arts Center’s International Juried Exhibition, “The Still Life”. The exhibition was juried by Ann Jastrab, Executive Director of the Center for Photographic Art , based in San Francisco, California.

“Still life photography, more so than other types of photography, such as landscape or portraiture, gives the photographer extensive leeway and precise control in the arrangement of design elements within a composition, “ said Ann. “Still life photography is a demanding genre, one in which the photographers are expected to be able to form their work with a refined sense of lighting, coupled with composition and design skills. The still life photographer makes pictures rather than takes them.”

The exhibition of 50 images from photographic artists from around the world, runs from August 22nd to September 15th in Minneapolis, MN.

Reception to be announced.

Praxis Gallery and Photographic Arts Center is a non-profit community-based arts organization, in Minneapolis, MN, USA, that aims to support the development of new and emerging photographic artists.

And, More Good News… For You!​

It’s official. The Art of Matt is finally open!

Yes, after (mumble) a number of years of people asking/demanding, my work is available for purchase online.

And, to celebrate this moment, I am offering 25% off of the 5×7 Sweet Blasts! on the site.

No need to fumble with a coupon code. Just select the Sweet Blasts piece you want and enter the 5×7 size and it will be yours for 25% off the normal store price, for the month of August.

Please simply enjoy the rest of the summer!

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Cherry Bomb! The Podcast Cover Art

Cherry Bomb! The Podcast

If you create a series of photos to spark conversations about food, art and sustainability, the next step would be Cherry Bomb! The Podcast! Conversations with professionals in the business of food art and sustainability.

Queen of the Fairies, Titania (Julie Wetherbee) and her lover Bottom (Niki Havoc), who was turned into a Donkey by Puck.

Matt McKee Photography receives award medals for two image in the prestigious International Aperture Awards.

Butterfly in a Bear Trap on red background

Me, in between, Tim Montgomery and Rita Fucillo, publishers of Art New England

Dye Infused Aluminum Print
Part of the Sweet Blasts! Series.

More at

For more information about this image, its availability or getting similar images for your marketing, please contact the studio:

Matt McKee Photography
617-910-9314 m-f 9-5 pm est

Ever wonder how the Sweet Blasts! series is created? Here is a short behind the scenes look at how we created the photoshoot on location.