ART Beat Magazine Praises Matt McKee’s Sweet Success

Art Beat Magazine Featured Artist!


If you are unfamiliar with Art Beat Magazine, it is a new publication by Wendy L. Pitton R. that embraces both online and traditional editorial stories about the world of art. Aimed at art collectors at both ends of the spectrum, the articles are both informative and entertaining, with excellent writing – something that is too often lacking in today’s click bait online publishing.

ART Beat Magazine Praises Matt McKee’s Sweet Success

 Keith Whitmore, Matt McKee, Wendy L Pitton at the Boston Design Center’s Masterpiece Gallery

McKee’s approach is hyper-real and dangerously juxtapose. We need food to live, but according to McKee, some of our food can literally kill us. Heavy idea, but still imbued with humor and cheeky attitude that this conceptual photographer favors. –

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