Honk! The Musical Poster Photo Shoot

Honk! The Musical Poster Photo Shoot

When the Footlight Club approached me to do a Honk! The Musical Poster I jumped at the chance. This is a great, silly, fun show with some surrealist over tones. So, we set out to capture the actors and bring it over the top!

On our shot list was creating the group of Mother and the Ducklings as well as pulling in Robb Russ to be our Ugly Duckling.

Honk! poster for the Footlight Club.
Footlight Club’s production of Honk!. Poster by McKeePhotography.com

Photography for the Theatre and More

As is our standard operating procedure, we were creating photography for more than just the poster. We also needed to whip up some character portraits for the theatre’s social media channels.

But, it had to fit with the branding and keep the surrealist tone of the rest of the collateral.

We threw a wide angle on and climbed up the ladder to shoot. In a nut shell, we just told the actors to get into character and then cut loose. There was very  little wrangling to be done and I spent more time giggling 5′ off the ground than looking through the view finder.

Ah, actors! Gotta love them!

Robb Rus in Honk The Musical
Honk! The Musical, at The Footlight Club
The Marvelous Liz Bean in Honk The Musical
Honk! The Musical, at The Footlight Club

Credit Where Due!

A huge thank you to The Footlight Club’s production team for trusting us with the Honk! project.

And, for the trust that the actors placed in me to capture their characters. Robb Rus, Liz Bean, Katya Sacharow, Abigail Mokady, Jackson Daley, and Molly Hughes.

Also, the amazingly fun costumes by Dustin Rennells!

And, behind the scenes videography by Maddie DeFelice.

You can see other posters we have created for The Footlight Club here.

Limited Edition Footlight Club Fund Raiser

Don’t forget that we still have some of these great limited edition cast posters, dating back to our first poster shoot at the Footlight Club for Charles Buch’s Psycho Beach Party.

Click on the poster to get yours.

Honk! The Musical, at The Footlight Club
IMG_5153 copy

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