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Humanize Your Science and Your Company

Humanize Your Science and Your Company

Ad tear sheet for pharmaceutical products
Ad tear sheet for pharmaceutical products

Photographs to market labs and biotech companies need to inject some humanity to help make connections to your best investors and clients.

In this busy world, it is easier than ever to block out boring pictures because of the sheer volume of images out there. But, it is hard not to pause and smile back at a nice photo of a lab tech smiling back at you.

It is hard to resist the human factor!

By Humanizing your Science, we, as marketers, hook into our target audience and get them to read your headlines. Which will lead to the body copy of your web site or brochure. And then, to a sales lead!

Photographing Humanized Science

We were brought in to create a series of photographs in a Waltham biomedical pharmaceutical research lab. The core concept for this photoshoot was to create a very natural, open feel to the images.

After our location scout with the head of marketing and communications, we developed a strategy and shot list for our shoot day.

The lab technician was actually an employee who worked elsewhere in the building – not in the labs! She had never handled a pipette gun before. She got the hang of it very quickly!

We lit the space with that in mind and then shot through the shelving from the opposite lab bench to add some depth to the story.

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